How to share the Internet connection of a smartphone

There is a simple solution for connecting a PC to a place where there is no fixed Internet connection. Whether you use Android or iOS, just switch his mobile modem and share its 3G / 4G to take advantage of mobile data in WiFi.

You are traveling with your laptop and you do not have access to Internet? Your uncle has a desktop PC, but no connection?

Do not panic ! You can totally transform your smartphone into a modem. Just simply to benefit the computer from its connection to the wireless network. And it works for both iOS and Android for Windows Phone.


  • Enable 3G /  4G: First, first enable mobile data from your smartphone if it is not already. Go for it in “Settings”, “Plus” and “Mobile Networks”.Activate “Data enabled”. You can also enable mobile data directly via the dropdown menu of the reception, which is accessed by sliding a finger vertically from the top of the screen.
  • Connection Sharing: Still in “Settings” and “Plus”, go to “Connection Sharing”.Two choices are available: you can connect your computer to your smartphone via USB or opt for Wi-Fi.
  • USB: If you choose to connect via USB, first plug the phone to the PC and activate the option. This may take some time, especially if this is the first time you do this manipulation. A device installation may in particular take place
  • Wi-Fi: Enable the “Access Point Wi-Fi mobile”. On the computer you want to connect to the Internet, look for the network name that you want to connect to.If you do not know, look at the configuration of your mobile in “Configure Wi-Fi hotspot.” The name of the Wi-Fi network will be given as well as the password he will return if requested.


  • Enable 3G / 4G: Beforehand, make sure that the 3G or 4G iPhone is activated.
  • Tethering: Then go to the settings of your iPhone, and then in “Connection Sharing”. Then select the appropriate option. Several options are then available: you can connect via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • USB: Connect first your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Your PC will normally detect the iPhone as a USB modem and automatically switch on it for connection. Otherwise, choose iPhone from the list of network settings of your services.
  • Wi-Fi: On the computer, select your iPhone. It should appear in the list of networks within range. Enter the wireless password when prompted. It is in your iPhone, see “Connection Sharing”.
  • Via Bluetooth: The third option is through the Bluetooth connection by pairing iPhone with the computer. On iPhone, tap “Pair” or enter the code displayed on the PC. Then connect to the iPhone from the computer.


  • Enable 3G / 4G:  Beforehand, make sure that the 3G or 4G iPhone is activated.
  • Tethering:  Go first in the 10 Mobile Windows settings then select “Network and Wireless”.Then select “Mobile Wireless Access Point.” You can configure this access point, defining a name and a password for the network. This step is optional.
  • Wi-Fi:  If you want to connect your PC and your device Wi-Fi, select Wi-Fi in “mobile wireless access point” and then, on the computer, choose the network of your device in the list networks that are detected. Enter the password if it is requested. It is indicated in the settings of the device with Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Via Bluetooth:  You can also opt for a Bluetooth connection. Select the appropriate option. If you choose this option, be aware that Windows Mobile 10 proposes to allow another device to enable the mobile wireless access points, provided that Bluetooth is enabled on both paired devices.This function allows for example to avoid going out his phone to enable remote sharing while working on a Surface tablet (or any PC running Windows 10 with Bluetooth). Just go in the list of wireless networks and select the right terminal.

    The rest of the setup is automatic: the order is given to the terminal by the tablet to enable tethering and connect to it.

We hope you enjoyed this simple yet effective solution.

One Plus X Launched: Here’s Everything You Should Know

One Plus is smartphone brand that has been in talks for its affordable yet very powerful smartphones. They call their phones as the flagship killers. As they make smartphones with a whole different business model when compared to the main stream companies. A few months back they launched Their current flagship phone One Plus 2, which is a very high end phone with all top notch specs and a price range starting from $349.

oneplus x

But, today they have decided to enter a whole new segment of smartphones with a different price range, with the new One Plus X. The One Plus X was launched in New Delhi, India and will be available worldwide soon. The company has released 2 different variants of the phone out of which one is a limited edition only. The limited edition has a glass ceramic back with reflective edges. There will only be 10,000 units of the limited edition. While sadly the mainstream version will also not be openly available for sale. As you all might know already, One Plus is famous for selling their phones through an invite based system. Initially a few people will get the invite out of those who had registered earlier, and then after they make their purchase they get to invite other people.

Look And Feel of Body

One plus X feels like a premium phone when held in hands but the over all look is not that striking. The one plus X has that glass parts that make it different than mainstream phones and nothing else seems new to the look. There is also a Alert Slider similar to the one in the One Plus Two which comes in handy at times. Overall the phone is a nice 5 inch bar and easy to hold and operate.

One Plus X Specifications and Price

The specifications of One Plus X are very good according to its price point. The One Plus X is priced at $250. The device comes with a 5 inch 1080p amoled display with a Gorilla glass protection. It has 13 MP primary camera and an 8 Mp front shooter. The OP X runs 2.1 GHz snapdragon 801 chipset. The RAM is 3 GB and comes with 16 Gigs of storage which is expandable by 128 GB via Micro SD card. The phone is pretty lightweight for a 5 inch device a weighs a mere 130 g and also comes with an alert slider similar to the one on the One Plus 2.

Should You Buy One Plus X

According to the price range the device offers very good specs and is very much recommended by Chesterfield Democrats. Otherwise we also suggest our readers to first evaluate their personal needs and then decide which phone to buy. Generally the One Plus X is a great phone and we  recommend you to buy it if you are lucky enough to get an invite.